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Loring is the most qualified State Rep candidate running for the newly created Middlesex 8th District seat because she is the only one who has successfully navigated complex public and private sector relationships with insights from current issues facing our four towns. As well, she is the lone businessperson among the politicians in the field. She understands what it takes to make a difference as an advocate for Holliston, Hopkinton, Millis, and Sherborn.


Taxpayers want lawmakers who respect their money and know how to create connections that help them. Loring is relationship-driven, with a record of improving service efficiency and value, and who has proven her ability to do more with less. Her ingenuity in all three categories has earned Loring national recognition, including by the White House.

Accessible, friendly, industrious, and always determined to do the right thing. Clients, colleagues, and organizations of all sizes and sectors could use these words in describing how this dynamic 35-yr. Millis resident and community volunteer works to serve others.

She is the leader whose Select Board, government (State, Federal and local), and business knowledge are needed in our corner, today. ­


Loring brings current ideas, new energy, and new perspectives. She knows

It's about ALL of us!

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A State Rep requires someone who can build relationships and develop understanding between organizations and people, even when they have competing or conflicting interests.


Right now, our tax bills are doing some strong talking. They say the State isn’t providing enough offsets to cushion the blow of unfunded mandates. Residents want more dialog and fairer funding solutions from the State so that expanding infrastruture and water quality mandates of late can co-exist with protecting public education excellence and expanding resources for rising senior populations. 

My Pitch

“In this day and age, a true public servant is becoming harder and harder to find.   Loring Barnes is that special person that puts helping others first and gets involved to give back, not because she has some political agenda.” said State Rep, Shawn Dooley, 9th Norfolk, who is seeking to expand his constituency as Senator for the Norfolk, Middlesex and Worcester districts. “Loring is the perfect person to step up and fill this vacant State Rep seat.  She is smart, driven, collegial, and most importantly, not an ideologue or a political activist.  We need elected officials who can take a balanced view of the world, listen to all sides, and be willing to represent and fight for all of their constituents, not just the ones that fit their particular political narrative.  Loring’s experience and her willingness to roll up her sleeves to do whatever is in the best interest of the people of Holliston, Hopkinton, Millis, and Sherborn is why she will make a great State Representative." 

--- Shawn C. Dooley, State Representative, Millis 
Candidate for Senate, Norfolk, Middlesex and Worcester districts 

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