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My Pitch

A refreshing change from a professional politician

"We need collaborative public servants who are imposing the same fiscal restraints we do at home, and who can solve problems respectfully without political barriers to make progress. As an expert with start-ups, partnerships, and government relations, I’m uniquely qualified to meet these expectations for all of the taxpayers of the new 8th Middlesex, with my trademark energy and idealism ready for the work ahead.”

                        – Loring Barnes, State Rep Candidate for 8th Middlesex

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Achieving new DEP water quality, lead service line removal, and Stormwater standards has pushed our towns into competition for partial capital grants. Taxpayers have no opt-out of these new obligations. The idea spigot that travels east to Beacon Hill and connects Holliston, Hopkinton, Millis, and Sherborn needs to be set at full pressure. 

I know what it’s like to work without a sense that you can make a difference—and have.

I bring a record of solving the unsolvable, of trying the untried, and pulling both off. (Ask me about launching a new commuter rail service to outlying Foxboro for the State’s largest international tourist event, with no taxpayer budget, and have it so successful that the Olympics came calling).


I am not redundant to anything our towns have now or have ever had. I am as far from a career politician as you could find—still I have been effective in navigating the State House and in working within and alongside government agencies, Cabinet members, legislators, and law enforcement.


High-demand leadership skills have shifted from technical or trained abilities, to executive function, or core "soft" skills. Two commonly found at the top of these lists align to my strengths:


  1. The need to communicate effectively

  • I am recognized for my communications skills, public relations-based programs, campaigns, crises, and turnarounds, including sectors within the 8th Middlesex

  • I was one of eleven Accredited PR professionals who was inducted into the Public Relations Society of America’s College of Fellows (Class of 2017)


  2. The importance of empowering diverse viewpoints

  • To be understood by customers, employees, vendors, municipal leaders, regulators, and partners, different opinions need to be at the decision-making table

  • This is something I have taught as business adjunct faculty and practiced



"From her first day, Loring's negotiation and communications skills delivered tangible value to T riders and taxpayers. She introduced public/private partnerships that funded numerous outreach programs, collaborated successfully with community leaders and legislators, and earned enthusiastic respect of union and management colleagues. Loring has both the tenacity and relationship savvy for creative problem solving and led many new ideas which helped the MBTA to set ridership records and impress the Olympics for how we handled the State’s largest global tourism events. State government needs bold leaders who can think big and frugally at the same time. Loring's work ethic and professional capabilities are well-suited to this role." 

Robert H. Prince, Jr. 
Former MBTA General Manager (25 yr. MBTA employee)
Transportation Consultant, Author & Speaker

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